Keeping in line with the international effort to curb COVID-19 in Pakistan, the National Command and Operation Center (NCOC) has also expanded the scope of vaccination program in Pakistan to include children who are 5 years old or above. Vaccination has been made mandatory across educational institutes and those who do not get vaccinated, would not be allowed to attend schools as per the directives by the Government of Pakistan.

To facilitate the vaccination process, NCOC has arranged for mobile vaccination teams to send to schools and children can also get vaccinated at vaccination centers near them.


Approved Vaccine Brands for Children

Currently, under the guidelines released by NCOC citizens between 12-18 years of age are to be inoculated only with Pfizer, Sinopharm and Sinovac vaccines while children between 5-12 years of age can receive only Pfizer vaccine. Below are guidelines for COVID-19 vaccination for citizens between the age of 5-18 years. However, people aged 19 years and above can be vaccinated with any available COVID-19 vaccine brand.

COVID-19 Vaccination Process for Children Aged 5-17 Years

The vaccination process for citizens aged between 5-17 years is similar to the vaccination process for adults. Here is how children can get vaccinated in Pakistan:

1. Register via SMS

Citizens aged 5-17 years can send their Child Registration Certificate (CRC) / B-Form number via SMS to 1166 to register for vaccination. You can also register online via the National Immunization Management System (NIMS) website. Once the number from your identity document is sent, you will receive a vaccination code.

Note: In case, you do not have a Child Registration Certificate (CRC) / B-Form, you can read this article on our website regarding the procedure for obtaining it.

2. Visit a COVID-19 Vaccination Center

Once registered, walk in to any nearby COVID-19 Vaccination Center (CVC) along with your  child’s CRC (B-Form) to get vaccinated. You can also find the nearest vaccination center from this list given by NCOC.

3. Go to the Verification Counter

The representative at vaccination center will give you a form to fill in your name, CNIC/CRC (B-Form) number, and SMS code, verify your data and enter it into the National Immunization Management System (NIMS). You will then be directed to the vaccination counter.

4. Get Vaccinated at the Vaccination Counter

Wait for your turn and show your receipt at the vaccination counter to receive your COVID-19 dose.

Note: It is recommended to take a picture of your receipt in case you might require correction of your COVID-19 record due to an error. For more details, see this article for instructions.

When visiting the vaccination center, you should wear a shirt with loose sleeves, so you do not have to face difficulty in rolling your sleeve up at the time of vaccination.

5. Wait for 30 Minutes in the Monitoring Area

After you have been vaccinated, you will be required to wait for 30 mins in a monitoring area to ensure that you do not experience any major side effects of the vaccine and to provide medical assistance in case of an emergency.

In case you experience any major side effects immediately seek medical help and report it to NCOC through this NIMS portal or call 1166 for guidance. You can learn more about COVID-19 vaccination side effects from the video below.

Guidelines for Second Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine

You will get an SMS from 1166 for your second dose 48 or 24 hours before your second dose is due which is currently 28 days for Pfizer, Sinovac and Sinopharm vaccines as per the guidelines of NCOC. If you do not receive an SMS, you should not worry and simply walk into any nearby COVID-19 vaccination center to receive your second dose.

Verifying Your Vaccination Record from 1166

To verify your COVID-19 vaccination record, you can send an SMS on 1166 to ensure that your vaccination data has been entered into the system.

Acquiring a COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate

You can obtain both your partial vaccination certificate (after first dose) and complete vaccination certificate from NIMS’ website or from ‘PAK COVID-19 Vaccination Pass’ application which is available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store.  COVID-19 vaccination certificates are also issued at NADRA Mega Centers.

To learn more about the process of COVID-19 vaccination certificate, you can read this guide for acquiring a COVID-19 certificate.

In case there is any mistake in your vaccination record, you can get it corrected from NIMS.

To learn in detail about correction of vaccination record, you can read this article on our website.

Sehat Tahafuz Helpline

If you have any questions regarding COVID-19 Vaccination you can call Sehat Tahafuz Helpline at 1166 if you have any questions or are facing any kind of difficulty with the vaccination process.

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