Protection refers to the act of safeguarding individuals from harm for their well-being. Protection can encompass a wide range of aspects, including physical safety, legal rights, social support, and access to essential services. In the context of women and children, protection may involve efforts to address issues such as any type of unfair treatment that is violation of their rights and dignity.

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If are a resident of Sindh and you or anyone around you are facing any kind of violence, be it mental, physical or harassment of any kind. Or if you feel like your or someone else’s basic human rights and dignity is being violated you can reach out to the helpline numbers listed below to get help. These helpline numbers include both helpline numbers by government bodies and non-governmental organizations. And their services vary from providing legal advice to giving refuge to the affected person.

Government Helplines

a. Human Rights and Protection Services

1. Ministry of Human Rights Helpline

If anyone needs any free legal advice, counseling, or legal assistance in case of any kind of violence or if their human rights are being violated, you can call Ministry of Human Rights Pakistan’s helpline on 1099.

2. Sindh Child Protection Authority

If you are witnessing child abuse or fear a child is in danger you can report it to the Sindh Child Protection Authority by calling 1121.



3. Women Protection Unit Madadgar

Women who are being subjected to domestic abuse can call 1098 to seek help such as counselling and emotional support, legal assistance referrals to support services, awareness on women’s rights and crisis intervention.

4.  Sindh Police

If you require law enforcement assistance in case of emergencies or any criminal activity you can dial 15 from your phone to reach the Sindh Police. Sindh Police officers are trained to respond promptly and efficiently to ensure the security and well-being of all citizens across the province.

5. Inspector General of Police Complaint Cell

If you have any complaints or concerns regarding police conduct or services in Sindh, please contact Inspector General of Police Complaint Cell at 1715.

6. CPLC (Citizens-Police Liaison Committee)

If you need assistance with security-related issues, reporting crimes, or seeking guidance on safety measures in Karachi, call CPLC helpline at 1102.

b. Health Care Services

1. Sehat Tahaffuz Helpline

If you have missed polio vaccine or any other routine immunization of your children due to flood, you can contact Sehat Tahaffuz Helpline on 1166 for help and assistance regarding vaccination.

Or you can contact Pakistan Polio Eradication Program on WhatsApp through 03467776546.

Non-Government Helplines

a. Shelter Services

1. Panah Shelter Home:

Finding a safe haven is crucial in times of distress. If you or someone you know is in need of shelter and protection from domestic violence or homelessness in Karachi, please contact Panah Shelter Home helpline at 021-36360025.

b. Health care services:

1. Peoples Primary Healthcare Initiative (PPHI) Sindh:

Your health matters and if you have any questions about healthcare services or need assistance accessing medical resources in Sindh, call PPHI’s helpline at 0800-77755.

c. Protection and Mental Health services:

1. Umang Helpline:

Umang is a 24/7 mental health helpline. The helpline connects patients with clinical psychologist who provide therapy over phone. You can call Umang on 0311-7786264.

2. Rozan Helpline:

Rozan provides free of cost counseling to young people, children and women on issues related to mental, reproductive, and sexual health. It also provides support to women who have been a victim of violence and harassment as well as to children who are victims of sexual abuse. You can contact Rozan Helpline on 0304-1111741.

d. Legal and Referral Services

1. Legal Aid Society:

Legal Aid Society is providing free legal advice to flood affectees regarding their rights. You can contact them on 0800-70806 if you are facing any kind of difficulty and need legal advice. The society works with special focus on rights of women and children.

2. Legal Rights Forum:

If you're facing legal challenges or seeking guidance on legal matters, don't hesitate to reach out to the Legal Rights Forum helpline at 0800-58888.

3. Cyber Harassment:

If you're experiencing online harassment or cyberbullying, you're not alone. Cyber Harassment helpline at 0800-39393 provides support and guidance to help you navigate through these challenging situations.


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