Disability is a condition implying problems with body function or alterations in body structure or difficulties executing activities. A disability may affect mobility, the ability to learn things, or communicate easily, and some people may have more than one. A disability may be visible or hidden, permanent or temporary, and may have a minimal or substantial impact on a person’s abilities.

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Although some people are born with a disability, many people can suffer from it later in life. For example, a person may acquire a disability through a workplace incident or car accident or may develop one as they age. Disabilities can be visible or invisible, temporary, or long-term, chronic, or episodic.

The surrounding environment can act as a facilitator or barrier for individuals living with disabilities. To reduce the obstacles that such people might face, there are legal tools provided by the Pakistani government, one of them is the disability certificate.

If you or one of your relatives or friends live with such a condition, you can request a disability certificate that can support you to access employment, financial aid, or assistive devices. In this article, we will guide you through the procedure to understand and obtain a disability certificate.

What is a Disability Certificate?

A disability certificate is a government-issued document to Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) that certifies/confirms the type and extent of the holder’s disability. It is an essential document for PWDs because it entitles the holder to get benefits, facilities, and rights of persons with disabilities. The holder of the certificate can access facilities dedicated to the PWDs. The government issues the certificate upon findings and recommendation of a medical board about the nature of the disability.

The Government of Pakistan has established Disability Assessment Boards all over the country to help persons with disability to obtain their certificate. The boards usually include medical experts, doctors, and officers of Social Welfare Departments who take charge of the procedure to issue the disability certificate.

Benefits for PWDs with a Disability Certificate?

If you hold a disability certificate you can access financial assistance, be exempted from tuition and admission fee (under certain circumstances), or you can be included in the recruitment process dedicated to people living with disabilities. If you or a family member with a disability needs assistive devices like wheelchairs and hearing aid, the disability certificate entitles you to request it to Pakistan Bait-ul-Maal.

The benefits are based on the various social safety programs offered by the Federal and provincial governments.

Note: A disability certificate is also a prerequisite for applying for a Special Computerized National Identity Card or SCNIC.

General Information

  • A disability certificate is issued without any fee.
  • The certificate is issued for both temporary, and permanent disability.
  • The person with a disability can apply for the certificate at the district headquarters hospital or Social Welfare Department office.
  • Only Pakistani citizens can apply for a disability certificate in Pakistan.

How to Apply for a Disability Certificate in Pakistan

The process for applying for a disability certificate is as follows:

  1. You can get a prescribed Disability Form from the Social Welfare Office located at your local District Headquarter (DHQ) Hospital or Office of Social Welfare Department in your city. The duly filled form also must be attested by a gazetted officer (a government officer of Grade 16 or above) before submission.
  2. The Social Welfare Officer will prepare the case and schedule a Medical Board meeting to assess the validity and types of disability.
  3. The disabled Person himself must appear before the Medical Board on the given date & time.
  4. The medical board checks the disabled Person medically to identify his/ her disability.
  5. If the Medical board recommends, the disability certificate is issued by the Social Welfare Department in favor of the person with a disability.
  6. Disability Certificate can be collected from the Social Welfare Department office after the given date.

Note: If it is not possible for the PWD to physically visit for assessment, you can request your Social Welfare Office to facilitate you during the assessment process. Any exemptions from appearing physically for assessment might depend upon the nature of disability and service options available in your area.

Information Required to Fill up Disability Registration Form

The following information regarding the Person with a disability will have to be provided in the disability registration form.

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Educational degree/certificate (if any)
  • Cause of disability
  • Address of physically disabled person
  • Filled application proforma
  • Copy of CNIC or B-Form if under 18 years of age
  • Two Photos (passport size)

What if the Disability Certificate is Lost?

If your disability certificate has been lost, it can be re-issued. You will have to apply to the Social Welfare Office and go through the prescribed steps again to get a new disability certificate. The required documents are the same with the addition of a copy of the First Investigation Report (FIR).

  1. Register a First Investigation Report (FIR) from your local police station.
  2. Visit Social Welfare Office with a copy of FIR to take the disability form.
  3. Submit the form with requisite documents.
  4. Appear before Disability Assessment Board on given date and time.
  5. You will be issued new disability certificate on the recommendation of the board.

Contact Details for National and Provincial Departments for PWDs

For any queries related to acquiring a disability certificate or the service options offered by your local administration, please contact the relevant department via the following:

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